Imagine Having A Well Behaved Dog Who Makes Your Day More Fun
Instead Of More Work.
We'll help you get there!
Does Your Puppy Or Dog Have Any Of The Following Issues?
  •  Uses the inside of your home as their very own personal restroom?
  •  Jump on you, your family, or your guests?
  •  Nip or mouth you, your family, or your guests?
  •  Chew on everything and anything from furniture to shoes?
  •  Steal Things Off Of The Ground Or Table?
  •  Cries when you leave them alone or in another room?
  •  Destroys everything in sight?
  •  Pull you or your family on leash during walks?
  •  Never comes when called?
  •  Never listen to commands?
  •  Isn't socialized with other people, places, other dogs, sounds, etc?
The List Goes On, And On, And On....
How Nice Would It Be To:
  •  Know How To Better Handle Your Puppy (Or Dog!) and stop their bad habits once and for all.
  • Make Faster Progress With Your Dog's  Training.
  • Break Free From The Chaos And The Embarrassment Of An Out Of Control Dog.
  •  Receive Compliments (Instead Of Complaints) On Your Dog’s Behavior (And Maybe Requests To Help Train *Their* Dogs!)
I know you’re tired of apologizing for your dog’s behavior. It's completely embarrassing and can be very frustrating.
To your family, your friends…yourself.

 And you know how much easier - and more fun - your life would be with your dog if he just stopped doing a few things, and started doing a few others.

 Like “Don’t jump on guests” and “Please come when I call you.

Or maybe it’s barking at the neighbors, or biting you or your kids, or stealing socks that you need for work, or any of the hundreds of behavior issues that I hear about every day in my dog training school in NJ.
I get it.

I also get that people start out training their dogs with best intentions, and then get stuck.
Or stop.

 Kind of like going to the gym.

And I can tell you - not because I’m guessing or making this stuff up, but because I’m in the trenches EVERY SINGLE DAY, training people just like you in my school in NJ - that the biggest reason for their failure is that the training they were doing was:
  •  Ineffective
  •  Boring
  •  Not Getting Results Fast Enough
Did I mention boring?

And that’s the reason they come to me and get results.

And you should, too.
What else might be holding you back from finally having that well trained dog that everyone loves to have around?
  •  You don’t have enough time to train your dog.
  • You went to a dog training class and were embarrassed that your dog was so “bad”.
  • You don’t believe your dog CAN be trained.
  •  You think your dog is too old. Or too young. Or you think YOU’RE too old. Or too young.
  •  My dog doesn’t like to eat, so how can I train with food?
  •  You’ve never trained a dog before. Or you did, and it was waaaaaaaaay easier than this dog.
  •  You tried training online, and there was so much information that it was overwhelming, and you didn’t feel that you had any support within the program.
  •  You’ve read a few books on dog training and you feel they belong in the “Fiction” section of the library.
I want to share with you that all of the above reasons, while very real and difficult, are not unique.  
You don’t believe your dog CAN be trained.
This is where you have to trust my experience. 32 years of people bringing me dogs that "couldn’t be trained” that walked out well behaved, with their spirits intact. I take it as a personal challenge whenever anyone says to me “I’ve tried everything but nothing works”, because I know what to do to help them succeed. I’m not pushing a cookie cutter method like so many other trainers. I have a plan A and B and and and……. Because you don’t succeed long in this profession, much less for 32 years, by having only one solution for one type of dog. That’s where my experience makes a huge difference.
My dog is too old (or young!) to be trained. 
Unlike people who get set in their ways and find it hard to make a change, dogs are different! You can totally change bad habits and create new ones if you know how to do it. In fact, training your dog to do new things will strengthen your relationship, and give him the brain and body exercise that he desperately needs. And - bonus! - it will also reduce all the destructive, attention-seeking behaviors that he’s been engaging in.
You don’t have enough time to train your dog.
Yes, you do. Because unlike going to the gym, where you actually have to haul your butt to a gym, with dog training, you’re ALREADY interacting with your dog. Not correctly (haha), but we can fix that. So when you’re taking him for a walk, feeding him meals, or just getting him in and out of the house, ALL of these are training opportunities that you could be using to your advantage.
Our Good Dog! Course Is For Dog Owners That
Want To Stop Their Dog's Bad Habits Forever, 
And Make Faster Progress With Their Dog's Training.
You’ll be taught:
  •  How to easily and effectively  train your dog. We do it right the first time!
  •  Ways to better manage your puppy (or dog) so you don't have to be in "Management Mode" forever.
  •   Tools that can speed up the training progress, to ensure you get the most of your time.
  •  Steps you can easily follow, and not feel lost.
And unlike other dog trainers with online courses, I actually train dogs in real life. Every day. 

I’m not sitting behind my computer guessing at what “might” work, and making up pretty words and heartwarming scenarios. My training method actually works, and I have hundreds of students seeing me every week who can speak to that.

Oh - and did I mention that my students have lives with families and jobs and other interests? They don’t care about “learning theory” and “wolf pack dynamics” and guess what. They don’t need to in order to have a well behaved dog.
Getting Good Dog Means You Will Have :
  •  A Dog That Actually Listens To You
  •  A Dog That Is Manageable
  • A Dog That EVERYONE Loves To Have Around
  •  More Money In Your Pocket - No More Trips To The Store To Replace Those Chewed Up Shoes, Or Damaged Carpets
Our Good Dog Online Course will dramatically reduce accidents, chewing on things they shouldn't, jump start your training so that your dog actually to listens to you, and quickly help you reduce the barking, lunging, and jumping on you or others.
* Not all results are not exactly the same, and amount of success you have will depend on how consistent you are with our training method.
Here’s exactly how Good Dog! works...
A program that tens of thousands of my students and their dogs have succeeded with. So I know you will, too. 

Video Lessons

You get access to the entire Good Dog! Course for up to one year. These fun and engaging videos lessons cover House Breaking, House Management, a plethora of foundation commands, and other solutions to common behavior issues, and show you exactly how it should be done! It’s like taking a class with Kathy! 

PDF Lesson Sheets

Who even has time to read? We don’t know! But if you do, our lesson sheets give you the step by step scoop on what you need to be doing.

Housebreaking Chart & Dog Training Logs 

Track your dog's "output" so everyone is on the same page! Also, we'll throw in our Dog Training Logs to chart your progress so you can be organized and make sure "Dog Training" actually happens.


We love giving you free stuff, so look out for these surprises. We can’t tell you what they are, but Kathy can’t keep a secret, so we’re sure she’ll spill the beans soon!
This dog training program has helped thousands get the dog of their dreams!
Click Below To Be The Next Success Story!
7-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Here's what others have to say

Heather Falcon, Mahwah, NJ

Kathy Santo training is the best, is for any age (puppy or full adult dog) will provide you with different training options that fit your budget / work schedule. And most important, your dog will have fun while learning! The canine gym is something Easton loves while at your school for playcare/private training sessions while at school for the day. Lastly, if you think your dog cannot be trained, cannot learn great behaviors and become a loving animal, then you will be pleasantly surprised! 

Michael Kukol, Franklin Lakes, NJ 

Favorite part is showing off and being proud of how cool my dog can be. People are really amazed and want to get their own dog after they meet Coco. Your slogan… “For a dog everyone loves to have around,” is absolutely spot on. She even gets invited to accompany us when we visit people. And, if we have to go away for the weekend and cannot take her with us, we have people vying for her to have while we are away! If only I had learned how to train my dog before I had to raise/train my children… they may have turned out differently – or at least my stress level would have been a lot lower!

Nancy Goldman, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

For a new dog owner, the training is so important and the tips are so helpful. We can now bring our dog to soccer games and other places where there are lots of people and poorly behaved dogs and we can use all the tips Kathy Santo has taught us to keep him on his best behavior. In the house, I can put him in a sit and wait anywhere I need to or send him to his place and get kids ready for school, do things around the house, and he is so good. And whenever a new challenge arises (barking at food delivery man, weird stomach issues, etc.), all I have to do is send an email and immediately get back a solution to my problem.  

In general, we just think Kathy Santo is awesome and Cooper does too!!!!

Cindy Buchalter, Mahwah NJ

My favorite part of training is the communal support. I didn’t expect to make human friends in the class but happily, I have. We all encourage one another and the dogs while joking and having fun. Kathy is not only a great trainer but also has a great sense of humor. The staff is always patient and helpful; and friendly to the dogs.
We've got BONUSES for you too!
  •  2 (free) months access to our Great Dog Membership ($30/mo after the 2 month trial)
  •  Additional training videos. We'll teach you all the steps to Leave It, Drop It, and our popular "Mouse Trap Game." (Don't let the name fool you! It saves lives!)
  •  Surprises. We LOVE surprises and we're always upgrading our site to better help people like YOU who need help NOW!
I'm Kathy Santo, Expert Dog Trainer
 I have spent my entire career as a dog trainer and handler, training dogs and winning over 500 obedience, agility and Canine Good Citizenship titles. Working with my own dogs, I have achieved every competitive obedience title the American Kennel Club (AKC) has offered and earned the prestigious AKC “Obedience Trial Champion” title (OTCh) multiple times.
 In Ramsey, NJ, I teach classes, private lessons, and oversee the training of my student’s dogs using my extensive knowledge, experience, and intuition to handle problems from the benign to the serious.

Personal Life
I have been married to my husband, Eric, for 32 years. We met while marching in the Garfield Cadets drum and bugle corps in Garfield, NJ and have been together ever since. I have two children, and 3 dogs!
You’re ready for Good Dog! if you are....
  •  Passionate about changing YOUR life and YOUR DOG'S life for the better.
  •  Done making excuses about why you haven't properly trained your dog yet.
  •  Sick of trying SO many other methods, only to end up confused and unsure of what actually works.
  •  Ready to  stay consistent with our dog training methods so you can finally train your dog.
  •  Willing to put in the time and effort to make a change in your dog's behavior! We give you the tools, we want to make sure you use them.
Who Good Dog! Is NOT for...
It’s not for someone who just wants to “kind of” check things out.

You can’t “kind of” train your dog to be obedient.

Getting these types of results takes a commitment to succeed.

Would you want to fly with a pilot who “kind of” knew how to fly? Or would you rather have a pilot who committed to mastering the necessary skills?

Our Puppy (Or Dog!) 101 program is for people who are committed to doing what it takes in order to have a dog who understands what you’re asking him to do *AND* who enjoys playing and working with you!

If the intention and right attitude isn’t there, this isn’t the program for you. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

I need to make this very clear - if your plan is to have your dog watch these videos, it’s not going to work. Sad story, true story. Teaching dogs to train themselves is a side project that I’m working on, AFTER teaching pigs to fly, so I need you to come to grips with the fact that this will require your participation. And don’t go getting cold feet on me, I’m not talking hours a day. More like a few minutes of reading and a few minutes of implementing during a normal day. And UNLIKE working out where you have to drag your carcass to a GYM, with dog training, you’re already interacting with your dog all day long (incorrectly, but I’ll help with that), AND he’s totally capable of learning, because look at all the things you (unwittingly/accidentally) trained him to do that you regret! If you DO, you'll totally have the results that you want to have. And to show you how much faith I have in what I teach, I'm willing to let you try out the program for a full 7 days risk-FREE! If you’re not completely satisfied with how far you've come, contact me by email within 7 days and I will refund you 100%! But if I see pictures of your dog on social media watching the videos while you’re watching Game Of Thrones, all bets are off.
Will it work?
They have!
 How Long Will It Take To Train My Dog?!
That’s the million dollar question! I can’t tell you an exact time frame, but I can tell you that after just one class with me, my students have seen immediate results. It also has a lot to do with how consistent you are with training your dog. 
Is My Puppy Too Young? Is My Dog Too Old?
 I start training my puppies at 8 weeks of age, and the oldest dog that I’ve trained was 12 years old. So no. And no.
 Does It Matter What Breed My Dog Is?
Nope. Whether it’s a purebred or “multi cultural”, my method works for them all!
 Have Your Students Gotten Results?
They have!
* Not all results are not exactly the same, and amount of success you have will depend on how consistent you are with our training method.
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